Vocal Coaching

The Boutique Music Group provides a unique approach to Vocal Coaching, incorporating Technique, Performance, Recording, Musicianship & Mentoring. Our programs are catered to the individual needs and goals of our students. Our aim is to nurture natural talent and develop strong technique whilst exploring all facets of the music industry.

 Our “Boutique” environment allows for accelerated learning for all levels, beginner to advanced. All of our teachers are experienced and professional working musicians, and are passionate about developing talent and ensuring that each student has a positive experience as they work towards their individual aspirations.

 In joining our team, students will be exposed to a range of skill-sets and learning experiences to equip them for their musical journey. These will include recording, production, mixing, song writing, and of course, performing with live musicians.
Sessions are run as Private, Semi-Private, Workshop and Master classes.

We have also introduced flexible learning via online Skype sessions.

For a free vocal assessment or information on our program and pricing options, please call us on 0422 542 507.


male sing

Limited spots available so ENROL NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!!


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