Talent Development


Talent Development

Working with Management, Record Labels and Independent Artists to shape a unique sound whilst building strong technical foundations to ensure longevity in the voice.

Grooming artists/vocalists for competitions, showcases, auditions and 33concerts.

Exposing up and coming artists to a network of contacts to provide opportunities for performance, promotion of original music and further musical collaborations.



Gain a basic understanding of how to run a studio session. Students will come away with a variety of vocal techniques that are specific to a recording environment.

Access to high end studio equipment and professional engineers in an educational environment

Individually tailored sessions to produce high quality recordings. All students will have an option of furthering their studio education within a dedicated program (production, mixing and live engineering techniques).

lily tatoos cover

Song Writing

Introduction to song writing within private classes

Dedicated workshops designed to expand on specific song writing techniques and encourage students to explore their creativity

Opportunities to perform original material via showcases with live musicians. Additionally, all students will have the option to showcase original music through our social media platform (YouTube, Soundcloud etc)3

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