Now offering recording services (Demo recording, studio coaching, music production, mixing and arrangement) from January 2013 in our Brand new State of the Art recording studios located  in Alexandria with Industry professionals.

Artists new to the industry often are forced to pay high fees (upto $1000 + per day) to have access to a recording studio, only to find that they are unhappy with the outcome – whether that be the fault of their performance due to lack of studio experience or that of the engineer not being able to decipher exactly what sound the artist is looking for.

At The Boutique, we give you the skills to be able to effectively communicate to your engineer in ‘studio terms’ so that you are able to ‘drive’ the session into the direction that you want as the artist.  You will also learn how to produce a great quality vocal in the studio and understand your unique sound on more than just on a melodic value.

We are very excited to provide this service to our students at a very competitive rate so that when you are ready to move into some serious recording (and part with some serious studio fees) you are well equipped and have the best chance to reach the outcome you desire.  They say practice makes perfect so why not have a few practice rounds with us in a comfortable learning environment.

That’s right guys!

 Dont waste your money on a bad recording sessions…Learn the skills to produce a great vocal in the studio and/or have your Vocal teacher coach you through each step of recording your own song.

For a free vocal assessment, please call us! 0422542507.

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