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The Boutique provides specialized vocal coaching & talent development for professional musicians and those pursuing a career in music. Focusing on technique, tone, placement, breathing, performance and Feel,  vocal coach Roxane Lebrasse gives you the skills to build a unique voice that will sustain a long musical career.  With over 10 years of teaching experience, and amazing results from previous students, be assured that your gift will be in the right hands.

Roxane has worked with big industry names such as James Morrison, Young Men Society, Chris Luder,  Jimmy Barnes, Bardot, Briden Starr, Prinnie,  Delta Goodrem, Jade Macrae, Guy Sebastien, Kaylan, Mahalia Barnes and many more providing services in vocal training, arrangement, studio coaching and backing vocals.

Whether you want to brush up on your technique, are experiencing vocal problems or starting your performance career and need some vocal direction, let Roxane Lebrasse help you achieve your goals and be a part of “The Boutique” of today’s Music Industry.

Contact 0490 042 500 to book an audition.


“Her easy to understand techniques boosted my confidence as a singer and performer.  YMS would not be the group it is today without Roxane’s knowledge and skill.”

Nate, Young Men Society

“Not only can Roxane work absolute magic with individual artists, she can also work with groups to bring them up to the professional standard that is needed in today’s industry.”YMS

Andi, Young Men Society

“From my first lesson with Roxane, I felt so comfortable.  Her friendly vibe and hard work ethic were the perfect learning grounds that I needed.”

Josh, Young Men Society

“Not only is Roxane Lebrasse one of the most gifted vocalists I have ever come across, she knows Chris-Luder-Backing-Vocalshow to impart her vast technical knowledge and experience in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

With a strong grasp on resonance, connecting voice, arrangement and performance, I would recommend Roxane to any singer looking for REAL vocal results and sound technique in a friendly, encouraging environment.”

Chris Luder, Australian Idol Finalist

“Roxane has that rare ability of enabling even a beginner to visualise and understand complicated Starlettes1and difficult musical concepts. The fact that she can back up her teaching with her own amazing voice and technique only adds to the value you will get from your lesson. I wouldnt (and dont) hesitate to recommend Roxane to any singer at any level as a teacher – you wont regret it!”

Veena Rao, The Starlettes

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